Fridge Makeover

Fridge Makeover

What’s in your fridge? If you’re too scared to look then it’s probably time for a refrigerator makeover.

You can tell a lot about somebody just simply by opening their refrigerator. So let’s look in and see about this person’s refrigerator.

Right away I’m looking at the soy milk and I really encourage people to add soymilk. It’s just a great way to get some plant proteins as well into your diet. Here we have some orange juice.

For those that don’t drink milk as a beverage, this is a missed opportunity because there isn’t the calcium fortification and the vitamin D that you could get in these carton orange juices now.

We’ve seen lots of fun flavors in these non-dairy Coffee-mate kind of creamers. This one says sugar-free, but I’m going to check this out for a second.

That’s interesting because the second ingredient is corn syrup.

There is one gram of fat and it looks like it’s trans because I’m looking on the fat ingredient label and of that gram of fat it’s not saturated, it’s not poly, it’s not mono, which leaves one thing only and that’s trans.