About Us

Welcome to GlobalWellnessCenter.net!

After many years of struggling and not feeling so great, I decided to start doing everything I could to motivate myself. I dove into the internet, researching, reading books, watching documentaries. I spent hours following, reading, and listening to the experts.

All of this research has lead me on a path me to try and find the stuff that works. I am happy to say that I transformed myself both physically and mentally. I feel amazing both inside and out. I couldn’t keep this all to myself of course. So, I started sharing what I learned with those I loved. Those who took the steps and did the work recommended began getting compliments and feeling great too! They’re the ones who motivated me to share the products and advice that I have found and continue to research with more people, so that I could help as many as I could.

And there began, GlobalWellnessCenter.net.

I don’t know what will come of this, but for now I’ll share the things I find interesting or think will help.

I hope you get something out of this, and are able to reach WELLNESS in your own life.